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Bradon Biebel – Professional Skateboarder

Bradon Biebel – Professional Skateboarder Episode 44 is unlike any episode we’ve had before. Our guest this week is professional skateboarder Bradon Biebel. Biebel has been skating professionally for about 20 years. His sponsors include Girl, Diamond Supply Co, Spit Fire Wheels, Kill Cliff, Glassy Eye Wear, Grizzly Grip, and Ryot. Host Mark Zinno and…More

Sarah Logan – WWE Star

Sarah Logan – WWE Star Episode 43 might make you jump off the top rope and put someone in a headlock. Our guest this week is WWE star, Sarah Logan. Sarah makes up one-third of the Riott Squad and is a force to be reckoned with in between the ropes. Host Mark Zinno and Sarah…More

The Atlanta Real Estate Game – 6/17/19

The Atlanta Real Estate Game – 6/17/19 How do appraisals work? How important is staging and is it required when listing a home? What happens when getting a loan on a house & who compares rates? Take a listen to Cleve Gaddis as he answers all these questions and more!More


JIM MILLER – UFC Fighter For the 42nd episode of the Kill Cliff podcast, we have Jim Miller joining the show. Miller is one of the more accomplished fighters in UFC history as he holds the record for most UFC bouts, most wins in the Lightweight division, fourth-most wins in UFC history, and most Lightweight…More

Tim Burke – Creator & Co-founder of The Tactical Games

Tim Burke – Creator & Co-Founder of The Tactical Games Our 41st episode is here and it’s a good one! Our guest this week is Tim Burke, the creator/co-founder of The Tactical Games, an athletic event that combines functional fitness and military training. Tim spent just shy of 24 years in the US Army. Starting…More

Blaine McConnell: Team USA Bobsled & Former College Football Player

Blaine McConnell: Team USA Bobsled & Former College Football Player We’ve reached 40 episodes on the Kill Cliff podcast! To celebrate, we brought on Kill Cliff athlete Blaine McConnell as our guest all the way from Iceland. Blaine is an all-around athlete with experience in baseball, football, and CrossFit. His athletic background led him to…More

The Atlanta Real Estate Game: June 1, 2019

The Atlanta Real Estate Game: June 1, 2019 Tune in and listen to Cleve Gaddis give an update on Home Sales in the US. Is it slowing? Learn more about Cleve’s Long Distance Listing Program and the growing concerns with household debt. Also can a president’s tweet really affect mortgage rates??More