Coach Cleve and Alfie take a look at credit inquiries and how they affect your credit score, Justice French from Rainbow Village joins to talk about the ir work with the Atlanta Homeless Community and how Amazon’s bailing out of Long Island City could affect the metro Atlanta real estate market if they relocate HQ2 here.

Today on “The Atlanta Real Estate Game,” Cleve and Alfie discuss “fake proof of funds,” Abby Wexler from Children’s Miracle Network stops in to bring the guys up to speed with the latest from that great charity, and “Non-judicial Foreclosure” and whether it’s good for GA or not!

Cleve and Alfie take a look at the harm the government shutdown did to real estate, a city in the metro Atlanta area that has landed in the Top Ten Places To Live in America, a segment on owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance, and finally, Cleve takes a look at Maxine Waters’ plan to deal with banks and how they approach delinquent payments.