The Kill The Quit Show Mission:

“In life, there are no off days and quitting is NEVER an option, and “Kill the Quit” is a show dedicated to athlete “warriors” seeking to maximize their performance potential!  Learn professional secrets from Kill Cliff’s BADASSADORS about what it takes to operate at your physical and mental best, the process of setting and achieving personal goals, adapting to the obstacles that stand in opposition to those goals, and keeping a positive mindset throughout.”

Hosted By Mark Zinno

Mark Zinno has over 10 years of radio and television experience. He started out as a news and sports reporter for WNAV in Annapolis, Maryland before moving to ESPN Radio 1300 in Baltimore in 2006, where he continued doing updates and began hosting his own talk show. Mark was elevated to full-time host when he joined 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, where he spent a total of eight years with CBS Radio. In 2014, Mark left Baltimore and moved to CBS Radio Atlanta and 92.9 The Game before joining 680 The Fan in 2017. Mark has done play-by-play for Loyola (College) University Maryland men’s basketball and the University of Maryland Terrapins baseball programs. He is currently the voice of the Georgia Swarm of the National Lacrosse League, a professional men’s indoor lacrosse league whose games can be heard on The Sports X. 

Mark is also a member of the Army National Guard, where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He has deployed twice to Iraq – the first time from 2005-2006 and the second time in all of 2011. He has been awarded two bronze stars and combat action badge for his service in Iraq. Mark graduated from Loyola College in Maryland with a BA in Communications.

He is the father of twin boys.


Donny O'Malley - U.S. Marine veteran & the Creator/Founder of VET TV

The first Kill The Quit episode of 2019 features one of our most creative guests yet. On this episode, we are joined by Donny O’Malley. Donny is not only a U.S. Marine veteran, but he is the creator/founder of VET TV. VET Tv is the first veteran television network full of dark, perverted, inappropriate, controversial, and irreverent military humor- created by and for veterans, without civilian influence. Host Mark Zinno and Donny talk about what led Donny to join the Marines, his father’s plea to graduate college, what Donny wanted to change about the Marines, the dark comedy and creativity that fueled his book “Embarrassing Confessions of Marine Lieutenant: Operation Branding Iron 2.1A”, the creation of VET TV, and more.

Jesse Iwuji - Professional NASCAR driver

Episode 25 of the Kill The Quit podcast is here and it’s a good one! Our guest this week is Jesse Iwuji. Jesse is not only a professional NASCAR driver, but he also played football and graduated from the United States Naval Academy. Iwuji also served in the Navy and is currently in the US Navy Reserve. Iwuji and host Mark Zinno talk about Jesse’s high school football recruitment, the balancing act of college athletics and academics, his time serving in the Navy, how he wound up on a race track, and more.

David Taylor - 4X Ohio State Wrestling Champion & 2x NCAA National Champion at Penn State

Team USA wrestler David Taylor is the 24th guest on the Kill The Quit podcast. David is a four-time Ohio state champion, won two NCAA national championships at Penn State, and has continued his success in world competition as he has three US Open championships and was the 2017 World Cup champion. David and host Mark Zinno discuss David’s youth in wrestling, David’s determination for wrestling dominance at the age of 8, moving across the country for better wrestling competition, the coaching and mentorship of wrestling legend Cael Sanderson, his Penn State days, and his Olympic dreams.

Sam Dancer - Former College Football Player

2x CrossFit Games athlete and former college football player Sam Dancer joins host Mark Zinno for the twenty-third episode of the Kill The Quit podcast. Sam discusses his early love for art, getting bullied in high school, his college football days at Western Illinois, developing keratoconus making him legally blind, his transformation into a CrossFit athlete, his lovely wife Jennifer, and more.