Crypto Currencies and Fantasy Sports

With fantasy football and online gambling going nationwide, so it’s only natural that they should intersect at some point, and now, they have!  The first fantasy league to adopt crypto currency payouts has arrived, and Angeline, Hutson and Tug discusses the ramifications for the casual to experienced fantasy sports player.

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Paying Pro Athletes with Crypto Currencies

Today on “Off the Chain,” we explore professional sports organizations that are paying players with Crypto Currencies, colleges accepting Crypto Currencies for goods and services on campus, and apps that allow you to follow your favorite sports personalities and organizations!

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Block Chain Technology and How It Affects Online Fantasy Sports

With the nationwide legalization of online betting and the popularity of Fantasy Sports Leagues, new technologies must emerge to preserve the integrity of all online transaction.  By employing block chain technology, online vendors are able to insure this vital data remains intact.  Find out how this technology is also being used to enhance Fantasy Sports Leagues by offering more draft options and a more immersive online team management experience.


Crypto Currencies

One of the newest, and least understood, financial vehicles are “digital currencies” like Bitcoin.  What are the benefits of cyber currencies and what are the dangers?  Find out as Tug and Hudson interview Angeleen Wilson who will provide insight into this investment opportunity.

In addition, Angeline talks up the Mac Coin, “currency” only good for a McD’s Big Mac.  Yes, it’s spending options ARE limited, but those Big Macs are OUTSTANDING!